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"I really enjoyed the Sydney the Scarecrow app.  I love the felt board concept, the easy to use interface, the cute characters and the great story." 

- Nikki, the iPhone mom, Click here for the full review!



"One thing I really like is how the app sneaks in the names of colors into the story, for example “orange pumpkins” and “blue bird."  

- Camila Amanda, GeeksWithJuniors, Click here for the full review!



"The app has beautiful narration, and engaging animation for children. It is ideal for young children, as well as special needs children, who are working on fine motor skills and social skills."

- Angie Gorz, AppyMall



"At first, you are helping the scarecrow shoo away animals from the farmer’s pumpkin patch but then he gets lonely and you have to help him make friends with those same animals and give them a place to stay for the winter." 

- Andrew Gertig, Humans With Kids



"Sydney the Scarecrow is a well thought out app. I loved the interactivity of this story. It had just the right rhythm, amount of activity, and the length was just enough to hold a toddler’s or preschooler’s attention from the first page to the end."

- Jo Booth OT, AppyMall



"There are not a lot of “bells and whistles” with Sydney the Scarecrow, but it doesn’t need them. What you have is a beautiful, restful story that is perfect for “lap time.”"

-Sarah DeBellis, The Appy Ladies


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