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Felt Board Lady has told children’s stories through felt for over 40 years. All of her original stories are created in hand stitched felt and told on a black felt board. Her stories come alive and are an interactive environment for children to act out their creativity! No story is ever the same, since each crowd of children has a part in determining how a story should be told. Needless to say, there are many variations of each Felt Board Lady story.

Felt Board Lady’s colorful stories cover a wide array of genres and themes, such as nursery rhymes, holidays, fairy tales, fantasy, and educational concepts. Her stories are geared to an audience ranging from two to eight years old.

Near or far, we have now found a way to bring Felt Board Lady’s stories to you! We are translating her signature felt stories into iBook and Kindle eBooks, as well as the Apple App, “Sydney the Scarecrow.” The eBooks and Apple App are reminiscent of the felt look that many parents may remember from their childhood days! The stories and App are viewed in landscape mode, which mimics the dimensions of a physical felt board, and engages a child to participate in moving the story along.

Now you can follow Felt Board Lady’s work through digital mediums such as the iBook, Kindle and mobile apps! Please keep up with Felt Board Lady by liking her on Facebook to continue to receive all the latest updates!

2010 - present

2010 - present

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